Endless Custom Printed Wallpaper Ideas

Walls with the WOW factor

Redecorating? Updating? Why settle for plain, run-of-the-mill printed wallpaper designs? We have the wallpaper product for you. You can create unique custom printed wallpapers to showcase your business, your services, or even your personality. Ideal for offices, lobbies and waiting rooms, or living rooms, bedrooms, game rooms and more. Any work or living space can benefit from our customized printed wallpaper solutions.

Create your own custom printed wallpaper design (or we can do it for you)

Upload your own high-resolution photo, or have one of our designers come up with a personalized graphic layout; it's that easy. The only limit is your imagination.

Easy to install

We use only FSC® certified PVC-free wallpaper. Our printed wallpaper is pre-pasted, requiring only water to activate the glue. It's designed for easy application and removal. There is no need to deal with separate pastes or adhesives, and no waste to deal with. You will get strong adhesion, but with easy removal. In fact, clean removal is covered by a manufacturer warranty for prints applied using standard industry methods to a well-prepared wall.

A GREEN solution for turning your photos into walls

PVC-free Wall Paper is made with at least 10% post-consumer recycled materials and carefully formulated to avoid VOC emissions. Our wallpaper is PVC-free, it's odorless and rated GREENGUARD safe for children and schools. The ink in our custom printed wallcoverings is durable latex, rated for up to 20 years life indoors (when properly applied and out of direct sunlight).

Achieving the best results

The key to getting your wall design just right is starting with a quality high-resolution photo, digitized artwork, or graphic design. You can provide your own photos, or select from our gallery, or stop by the Pixabay website for images that are often FREE even for commercial use (check the rights usage on any photo that you download to confirm). It's important to remember that original digital images and scans must be as large as possible so they look good when blown up to the size of a full wall. See our Photo tips to learn more.

Need help planning your special wallpaper project?

Please feel free to call us at (224) 333-6552 to discuss your project. If you need special image editing or graphic design services, we have artists who can help.